Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rx: WASLEX - A Diet Prescription

Nowadays there have been many ways to lose weight and stay healthy. Different kinds of diets have been sprouting lately like mushrooms. But to many, nothing seems to be working out well. Others can’t figure out why they can’t seem to be successful in having a good body and figure.

The truth is…one should not deprive himself from eating anything at all. The trick is just to eat all in moderation. Remember the food group pyramid? Stick to that scheme and you’ll have a bon a petit all the time. Do you think to go vegetarian is healthy? Think again!! Not all essential nutrients are in veggies. The truth of the matter is…your body can really be a “veggie”.

In any diet you may take, however, there is a prescription you must not neglect and ignore, i.e. WASLEX. This is a must that you should have in any form of dieting you have & do.

The very essential produce that our body needs. Experts say…take at least 8 glasses a day. But I say…take more than 10 glasses a day. Don’t worry, your bladder can take as much as many as you really can. Your bladder is expandable organ, so don’t worry that it might explode because you have taken much. Water helps in keeping your body eliminating toxics out from your system.

Many say that adult need only at least 6 hrs sleep in a day. Some thought that depriving oneself to sleeping hours could help lose weight. But have you noticed that if you only sleep that much or lesser everyday, your body tends to be sluggish? Hence, you crave for more food than usual. You feel you don’t have the energy to get you going, so you crave for food that you thought can boost your energy. Thus, you find yourself gaining more weight.

Try to have 8 hour sleep everyday and your body will have all the energy you need. Remember that rejuvenating, repairing and recharging of your brain and body only takes place when you are at sleep. If you deprive yourself from sleep, your body will not be fully recharged and repaired.

A 15 to 20 minutes exercise is good to your body. Your body needs exercise to maintain better metabolism. If you have slow metabolism, it means that the process of converting the nutrients into useful components is slow. Thus, the nutrients will amass in your body and eventually you’ll gain weight. Exercise will make the metabolism of your body faster so that the breakdown of the nutrients into useful components and energy is also faster. Exercise will make your body more energetic and your heart stronger than ever.

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