Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Start Trimming!!

Research tells that to gauge yourself if your health is at risk, measure your waistline. Your waist must only be half of your weight (kg). So, if you weigh 50kgs, you must have 25inch waistline. If your waist measurement is more than the half of your weight, then your health is at risk. You better start heading for the gym to trim your waistline!

Here are some ways to help you trim that body:

Run or Walk. Oblige yourself to run or walk everyday. When going to office is only a short distance to where you live, why not use your pair of legs rather than driving your car or taking a cab? This way, you save money (for gasoline and/or fare); yet you’re giving yourself a better shape of you.

Join a group exercise. If you can’t exercise alone at home, why not go to the gym near your office and join a group exercise? Choose your best time to go to the gym (before work or after work). Join group exercises so you won’t feel lazy. The group may encourage you more and at the same time you meet new friends.

Lessen your food intake. If you eat two cups of rice a meal, make it only one cup. If you have 2pc chicken a meal, have 1pc only. If you take 1 big slice of steak, just take half of it then share the other half to others. If you feel like munching before regular meals, make sure you stay away from sweet delights like donuts, cakes, etc. and also, never munch hamburger or fries. 1 slice of cracker is good enough for munching between regular meals.

Keep your body hydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Less intake of water everyday may put your urinary tract in trouble, at the same time; toxins in your body may not be eliminated properly. Water helps your body revitalize.

In no time you’ll get the perfect shape and you’re putting your health in good condition. Remember, health is wealth! No matter what’s your status, your health must be your priority. If you’re healthy and well, you can really be what you want to be. You’ll have all the energy to work on your goal and ambition in life.

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